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Generate Class Definitions from a LIXI2 Schema

Generate Class Definitions from a LIXI2 Schema

Posted on: April 6, 2020

LIXI has published a series of blog posts outlining how easy it is to create object-oriented class definitions from a LIXI2 schema in C#, Java, or Python.

Creating class definitions is the first step developers undertake in order to build software that can handle a LIXI2 message. These classes allow the creation and manipulation of a LIXI2 message within code (whether that be C#, Java, Python, or any other language).

The object model also acts as a basis for other frameworks to build on. For example, a database can be automatically generated from the class definitions. The Microsoft Entity Framework can be used to automatically build a database that conforms to the structure of a C# class model (see our post Create A Database Using LIXI2 C# Classes).

Find detailed instruction in how to create object-oriented class definitions here:

In this series of posts, for each of the three languages we have selected, we step through the process of:

  • Generating the class definitions from XSD
  • Creating a message object using the classes
  • Reading and writing the object to and from XML

Feel free to contact any member of the LIXI team (or use our contact form) and we will be happy to help with more information.

Written by:
John Matthews, LIXI Technical Lead
First Published: April 6, 2020