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LIXILab is the home of a range of tools available to employees of our LIXI member organisations.

Raise Change Request Tickets

As a member, you can you can raise tickets for change requests, and participate in discussions with the LIXI community.

Access Draft Schemas

Through LIXILab you can get early access to draft schemas through our development process before our releases are made public.

Access Sample Messages

Access to our LIXI2 Sample Message Repository which is quickly becoming a comprehensive source of sample messages for regression, conformance, and interoperability testing.

Customised XML Viewer and Editor

We can help you set up a schema customisation workflow which generates a custom LIXI2 XML Viewer and Editor to make viewing, editing and validating your specific messages easier than ever!

Rules Library

You can radically increase your ability to automate aspects of data integration projects, and spend more time on the areas that deliver business value with our library of business rules.

API Template

Our LIXI2 API demo makes LIXI2 integrations even easier and faster. The demo deploys a fully encrypted, secure, and scalable serverless API using AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda and conforms to the OpenAPI 2.0 Spec.

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If your organisation is not listed and you are interested in becoming a member please get in touch with us here at LIXI.

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