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To best see how LIXI can be used for a variety of LIXI2 submissions and responses, including back-channel messages and account variations, we've created a LIXI2 Postman Collection (details available here) that is available to members.

To make it even easier to see the LIXI2 Postman Collection in action, we've also deployed a serverless demonstration API (based on an Open API v3) that you can use to try out the various sample messages in the Postman Collection. If you want to use this serverless demonstration API in in this way, you will need an API Key. You can use this form to register for your interest - you will be contacted shortly and provided with an API key and the URL of the API shortly.

You must be an employee of a member organisation of LIXI (listed here) to complete this request.

Request an API Key here:

If your organisation is not listed and you are interested in becoming a member please get in touch with us here at LIXI.

LIXI API Key Request

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