LIXI Training – 4th March 2020, Adelaide

LIXI Technical Training

Adelaide – 4th March

Come and join us for training on LIXI and get all your questions answered by our LIXI experts, John Matthews and Shane Rigby. There will also be opportunities to network with other LIXI enthusiasts over a morning tea and a lunch and learn case study.
We are offering three sessions

  1. A non-technical introduction to LIXI and our standards – this is appropriate for anyone interested in how LIXI helps drive efficiencies across the lending industry or as an introduction for those new to LIXI attending the technical sessions.
  2. A LIXI2 Case Study Lunch & Learn Session presented by Moneycatcha
  3. A technical training session covering topics for more technical resources.

This awesome event is free for all employees of LIXI Member organisations! If you’re not a LIXI Member, (or not sure if you are a LIXI Member), and would like to attend no worries! Please email for assistance.

If you would like to attend, great! Please register your attendance via the booking form on this page, and please indicate which sessions you are planning to attend. The training session agenda is below.

If you are unable to attend these dates and locations, and are interested in attending future sessions please let us know.

Booking Instructions

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Date/Time Date(s) - 04/03/2020
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Location Adelaide - Olympic Room, Level 5, 97 Pirie Street

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Session Info

12:00-12:45 Introduction to LIXI2

Who should attend?

This is perfect if you are just starting out with LIXI, or want to understand the basics of how LIXI2 can improve efficiency, whatever your level of technical knowledge. This would be useful for team leaders, project managers and executives that want to understand more about LIXI without getting into the technical details. It is also suitable as an introduction to those attending the technical training sessions after lunch.

What we will cover:

  • A broad overview of LIXI as an organisation.
  • An overview of the LIXI standards.
  • The key differences between LIXI1 & LIXI2.
  • The difference between membership and licensing.
  • What resources are available to LIXI members?
  • An overview of the change management process.

12:45-13:30 Networking with LIXI2 Case Study Lunch & Learn

This is a great chance to chat with other delegates and the LIXI team over a Case Study Lunch & Learn session presented by Moneycatcha. Anyone attending either the introductory session or technical training later in the day are welcome to attend.

Do you want to maximise the benefits of LIXI2 but don’t know where to start? In this session Moneycatcha will demonstrate their LIXI2 XML Parser and show you they use it to:

  • receive XML files and transfer to a relational database or loan origination system
  • standardise and share mortgage data across the organisation rapidly for multiple purposes
  • decompose data to be API ready, retaining its integrity to be used for third party services (e.g valuations)
  • keep up to date and automatically manage new version updates post LIXI2

This will be a demo and Q&A interactive session where you can see the XML Parser in action during a mortgage application, as well as understand the technical workings and data structure.

13:30-16:00 LIXI2 Technical Training

Who should attend?

This is designed for BA’s, Software Engineers, Developers, Solution Designers & Architects and anyone that wants to get into the detail of how the LIXI2 Schemas work or those undertaking a LIXI2 implementation.

What we will cover:

  • Credit Application Tutorial

    You will learn how to access online resources including the XML & JSON schemas, schema documentation, and a LIXI2 CAL Tutorial.

    We will show how a typical credit application is represented in LIXI2 and step through the elements that comprise a LIXI2 message. We will look at the Applicant, Loan Details, Assets, Liabilities, Income, Expenses, Employment, Contact Details, Addresses, and more.

  • Simplifying the Standard

    Find out how you can create one or many customised versions of any LIXI2 standard using our ‘Customisation by Restriction‘ methodology. You can exclude unnecessary schema items, define attributes as mandatory, generate custom documentation, and more.

  • Business Rules with Schematron

    Validation against XML or JSON schemas allows us to check the basic structure of a LIXI2 message. More advanced validation, such as conditional validation or business rules validation, can be achieved using Schematron. In this session, we introduce a demonstration of a LIXI business rule sheet and show you how to extend it with your own business rules for use with Schematron.

  • Overview of the LIXI PyPI Package and the LIXI Demo API

    We are publishing a Python Package to the Python Package Index (PyPI) – we will demonstrate how we use this package to deploy a serverless LIXI API that will can receive LIXI2 messages and execute a number of different functions: validate messages, translate between versions of LIXI2, customise schemas and documentation and convert between JSON and XML.

  • LIXI Q&A

    This is your opportunity to ask our technical lead any questions you may have about the LIXI standards. This is great for teams that are currently implementing using a LIXI2 standard and have technical questions about how various information is represented in LIXI2.