Differences are the key to effective collaboration

This article, The Grace of Collaboration, is the last of a seven piece series of articles focused on marketing. Interestingly, it discusses collaborative relationships, the most auspicious beginnings to this sort of business relationship and how collaboration requires surrender to a vision. But most interesting to LIXI, is the point the article makes about how it is our differences that are the key to effective collaboration.

LIXI is supportive of this concept and believes that following this principle ultimately leads to achieving LIXI's goal of increased efficiency for the lending industry. Regardless of the challenges, such as the differences of opinion from Members as to what a particular efficiency may look like, if the reward is worth the effort and the best way to achieve a positive industry outcome, this has always been LIXI's genuine driver.

When a LIXI Member contributes their valuable time to a working group or suggests an improvement to a standard or a possible area for improved efficiency, LIXI expects their driver to be quite different than LIXI's; a LIXI Member organisation's driver is often a conservative approach to what best suits their business and future financial opportunity. These seemingly opposing drivers are encouraged by LIXI because it is the act of contributing and conversing about an industry solution that metamorphoses a requirement into a collaborative industry approach and hopefully, a solution.

An interesting read and one which may lead you to follow the 7 Graces of Marketing online community. I recommend this article to those in Marketing but also for those with an interest in collaboration and building mutually beneficial business relationships.