Deploying the LIXI2 API Demo

Deploying the LIXI2 OpenAPI Demo

Posted on: August 18, 2020


LIXI continues to develop tools to make LIXI2 integrations easier and faster, and our LIXI2 API Demo Template is another tool in a developer's arsenal to do exactly that. The LIXI2 API template exposes some of the key features of our LIXI2 tools via an API - perfect if you want to quickly expose functionality using an API in a controlled and secured manner - you can deploy an API from the template in under 30 minutes.

LIXI first published this demonstration API for processing LIXI messages in the 2019 LIXI Forum showing the steps to set up a server-less API including the OpenAPI 2.0 Specification (Swagger) that accepts an inbound LIXI message. The API is fully encrypted, secure, and scalable. Using the template project from our GitLab repository, along with AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda it is easy to validate business rules; convert message or schema to json, save them to the cloud, customize schema and add your own custom code with ease! This allows developers more time to focus on business logic and spend less time on lower-value work.

Deploy in 3 easy steps.


Create an AWS account, a Gitlab.com account and a LIXILab account, if you don't already have one. Set-up the environment variables on Gitlab.com.


Paste the LIXI API Template Project files into your cloned Gitlab.com project and run a build on a Gitlab.com runner.


In the AWS console, add your new API to the Usage plan. You're good to go and can begin testing with your new LIXI2 API!


Frameworks Used


This project uses Chalice, a framework for creating and deploying serverless apps in python.


Amazon API Gateway is used to create, publish, maintain, monitor, scale and secure the Demo API.


AWS Lambda is used for executing our code with high availability without the overhead of managing servers.


OpenAPI is a standard for describing a REST API interface in a way that allows auto-discovery of the capabilities of the service.


This project uses the LIXI Python Package to make working with the LIXI2 data standards and with messages that are based on LIXI2 incredibly easy.


LIXILab is our private implementation of Gitlab Community Edition. This template deploys easily in LIXILab or in a free Gitlab.com account.

The complete instructions to guide you through the process of deploying the demo API using the LIXI API Template can be found in the API-Template Project in LIXILab. Full details of how to use the API will be published shortly, or refer to the paper from the LIXI Forum available here. If you are an employee of a member organisation, you are welcome to obtain login credentials to LIXILab - fill in this form to request a login.


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Written by:
Ammar Khan, Developer, LIXI Limited
First Published: August 18, 2020