Change Requests

LIXI 2 standards (including CAL & EGB) are managed via the LIXI CAL 2 Change Management Protocol. LIXI Members and Licensees are welcome to offer comments, suggestions and improvements regarding CAL 2 schema, LIXI 2 Data Dictionary definitions, item names, term usage, business rules and use via this protocol.

Requests for changes to CAL 1.x based standards are also accepted via this mechanism.

In order to action a change request, as much relevant information as possible must be provided at the time of the request. Incomplete information will result in delays to updates to the standard and possibly, result in no change at all. URLs, reference material, term name, context for new terms and associated definitions as well as use, justification and business rules will all assist LIXI make a quick and accurate assessment of the requested change. LIXI will assess the change request only on the information provided; the more relevant information provided in the initial submission, the faster and more complete a change can be made.

Submit a Change Request

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Important: Anyone submitting information through this change request protocol agrees to all the terms of the LIXI IP Policy. The contents of this form is Contributed Material.

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Updated: 15th December 2016