Customisation Tutorial Videos

Customiser Tutorial Videos

Posted on: June 29, 2021

One of our most widely adopted premium tools (for members) is our Customisation by Restriction framework. This gives you the tools to manage your subset of requirements, whilst still accessing the comprehensive data model that has been collaboratively developed over decades - a huge time and cost saver

Customisation by restriction framework has required you to create an XML file containing the instructions. With the release of our Customiser Web Application, creating the instruction file has become much simpler. These four videos will guide you through the basics of creating a customisation instruction file using the Customiser Web Application.

The customisation instruction file can then be used with the LIXI Python Library to execute the schema customisation as part of an automated build process.

Part 1: Welcome to the Schema Customiser Interface

This video shows the basics of using the Customiser Web Application - how to access the tool and how to get started.

Part 2: Customising an Element

This video demonstrates the range of Customisations that you can apply to elements within the schema.

Part 3: Customising an Attribute

This video demonstrates the range of Customisations that you can apply to attributes within the schema.

Part 4: Editing an Instruction File

This video demonstrates how you can edit an existing customisation instruction file.

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Written by:
Alireza Bayat, Business Analyst, LIXI
First Published: June 29, 2021