Creating the first LIXI Master Schema

This page is an overview of the steps taken by LIXI to create the first LIXI Master Schema that was released as the LIXI Master Schema v2.0.0. A short video outlining our new methodology for deriving the Transaction Schema from the LIXI Master Schema can be found here.

The LIXI Master Schema was created by combining two Schema:
  • the Credit Application Schema (CAL 2.4.1) released on the 19th October 2015
  • the Documents Preparation and Settlements Schema (DAS 2.0.0 RFC) released on the 24th June 2015

Since the DAS RFC was released, changes have been made to parts of the schema that are common across both the DAS & CAL Schema. In particular there were releases of the CAL Schema after the DAS RFC, and these changes needed to be merged back into the DAS Schema.

Changes were also made to allow the Master Schema to carry additional annotations for the purpose of managing the derivation of the Transaction Schema from the LIXI Master Schema.

A number of change requests have also been actioned, and non-breaking changes made to both of the Transaction Schema derived from this LIXI Master Schema.

Updated: 25th February 2016