Create Documentation for a Custom LIXI Schema

Create Custom Documentation

Posted on: February 5, 2020

For those using the Customisation by Restriction framework, many of the elements and attributes within the LIXI Schema are excluded from the customised schema that is generated. In this case, whilst the LIXI Documentation is comprehensive, it can be larger and more complicated than necessary. In this situation, you can now use the LIXI Python Package to generate HTML documentation.

2021 Update: Low-Code Schema Customisation

Give your non-technical Business Analysts a low-code method to customise the schema used for LIXI2 APIs. Our Schema Customiser Application is now available for members and licensees to preview as a beta release. This application complements LIXI's Customisation By Restriction framework by providing an easy way to create a new set of instructions or edit existing ones - allowing you to automate more of your software development processes.

Install the LIXI Python Package

The LIXI Python Package has lots of useful features. The package is open source, all you need to do is install it from the Python Package index. In your development environment install the LIXI python package with the following command:

pip install lixi

The Python code to generate HTML documentation

Copy the following code into your file, making sure to replace the schema filename with the name of your schema file:

import lixi

schema_filename = "LIXI-CAL-2_6_23-Annotated.xsd"
output_folder = "."
output_name = "documentation"

with open(schema_filename, "r") as f:
    schema_string =


Open the Documentation in your Browser

Navigate to your output directory and open the index.html file in your web browser to view the documentation. You should see something like this:

Written by:
John Matthews, LIXI Technical Lead
First Published: February 5, 2020