Conversation Series – Feb 18, 2014

Following the announcement and release of CAL 2.0 at the LIXI Forum in November 2013, the concept of ‘electronic guidebooks’ was introduced as an integral component of the LIXI 2.0 initiative. The February 18th Conversation Series (the first of 2014) examined the concept of Electronic Guidebooks in-depth, from a technical viewpoint as well as expected benefits and future opportunities.

Electronic guidebooks contain all the business rules, data logic and print form templates that are currently contained in manually implemented guidebooks. At its core, the Electronic guidebook references CAL 2.0 and the LIXI Data Dictionary for standardized industry structure, definitions and industry terms.

The session fully explained how electronic guidebooks work (analogous to a web browsing experience, defining the screen layout and forms), the intended use of electronic guidebooks, uptake and implementation expectations as well as future opportunities such as cross-sell and LMI.

The audience represented several lender organisations, two service providers and one aggregator; the perfect mix of businesses required to realize industry benefits across the supply chain using the new Electronic Guidebook standard.

The full event presentation is available to logged in LIXI Members, here (select from right hand menu).