Contribution Acknowledgement

LIXI harnesses the power of the community. The individual contributors that work at our member and licensee organisations are critical, and without them we could not develop and maintain our standards.

LIXI would like to thank a number of people that have, over the past months, contributed requirements, comments, discussion, or in some way provided feedback that we have used to improve our standards. Those contributions are appreciated by us at LIXI and by the larger LIXI community. The member organisation that the individual was representing at the time of the contribution has also been listed.

Thank you!

  • Nada Akrawi (Commonwealth Bank)
  • Sheryl Apostol (Sandstone Technology)
  • Josie Drevon (Insyston)
  • Wendy Duff-Tytler (Commonwealth Bank)
  • Sam Elmer (Leadpoint Digital Mortgage Services)
  • Erik Fenna (P&N Bank)
  • John Grant (Netsol Technologies)
  • Geraldine Lowry (P&N Bank)
  • Wayne Lucivero (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • David Myers (Data Action)
  • Joanna Phoon (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • Madalina Popa (Simpology)
  • James Rees (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  • Jeff Saul (Sandstone Technology)
  • Andreea Sindelaru (Simpology)
  • Phil Smith (Bendigo and Adelaide Bank)
  • Cara Tran (Sandstone Technology)
  • Ward Vacchiani (Bendigo and Adelaide Bank)
  • David Williams (Sandstone Technology)
  • Mian Yasir (Netsol Technologies)

Updated: 16th May 2017