Collaboration at risk from past successes

This interview with polymer scientist turned collaboration expert, Robert Johnson, poses the interesting premise that collaboration can fail as a result of past success. His hypothesis is that our past and current success removes the urgency or need to reach new solutions via collaboration.

Is the lending industry in this position? Has lending done 'well enough" and therefore removed the need to collaborate on industry solutions? If so, LIXI will need to work harder to accomplish it's strategic mandate to work collaboratively across the lending industry.

LIXI has seen quite clearly over the last four years that regulatory change is one of the primary drivers for collaboration. It seems that the regulators have been helpful in creating the 'pain' necessary to drive industry players into the collaborative, problem solving arena. Indeed, Robert Johnson notes that "it’s actually crisis, that tends to bring us to the point we start to innovate as we consider all options available and even develop new ones."

Although heavily focused on examples from the USA, this is an informative read for anyone interested in organizational and collaborative theory.