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  • Beer

    Lending, Beer, and Data Standards

    Standards can help manage complexity – whether it be in lending or beer! During the golden age of the English alehouse, an Act of British Parliament in 1698 prescribed that ale and beer should be sold in pints or multiples thereof. This application of a […]

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  • ASIC asked by MFAA to clarify responsible lending criteria

    The MFAA has recently been in the news for seeking information from ASIC regarding credit variations with a view to clarifying when responsible lending obligations are triggered.  The MFAA was quoted as saying “Brokers should note that if a lender elects to document by a new contract, responsible lending is triggered […]

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  • Newly Released CAL 1.6 includes SMSF & Variations

    The CAL 1.6 Package was released on December 18th 2012  and supports Variations and SMSF. Full explanations of these changes, and other changes, are included in the “LIXI CAL 1.6 Schema Changes” document included within the release package. The full CAL 1.6 Package release may be downloaded […]

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