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    Comparison of Cross References in LIXI1 and LIXI2

    This page gives some technical explanation on why LIXI2 implementations tend to be easier to implement and more interoperable than equivalent LIXI1 implementations. It all comes down to the simple and explicit manner in which entities are linked.

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  • Equipment Finance Conversation Series – 30 July 2014

    Outstanding Success Hosted by the Westpac Group in Sydney, this July 30th LIXI Conversation Series focused on the recently released Equipment Finance standard. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees and panelists and was the most well attended LIXI Conversation Series since the session’s […]

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  • LIXI 2.0 Fundamentals – 9 April 2014

    LIXI 2.0 Technical Training Well Received by the Industry LIXI 2.0 Fundamentals, the first LIXI technical training to focus exclusively on LIXI 2.0, was very well received by participants on the day and is shaping up to be a popular ‘in-house’ training option for organisations. […]

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  • Conversation Series – Feb 18, 2014

    Following the announcement and release of CAL 2.0 at the LIXI Forum in November 2013, the concept of ‘electronic guidebooks’ was introduced as an integral component of the LIXI 2.0 initiative. The February 18th Conversation Series (the first of 2014) examined the concept of Electronic […]

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  • LIXI AGM – 27 Nov 2013

    The 2013 AGM was held at 4:30pm on November 27th and hosted by NAB in Sydney. Erik Fenna, LIXI CEO welcomed all members and Paul Lahiff, LIXI Board Chairman, gave a Chairman’s Welcome. Both offered insight into the strategic work of LIXI in 2013 and […]

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