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  • Measuring the ROI of Collaboration

    LIXI is often asked the question, “What is the ROI of using standards within my organisation?” Being an industry body, LIXI is not privy to the business information required to answer this question. What LIXI does know is that the estimated efficiency gains to the […]

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  • Naming Names: Acknowledging Working Together

    While this article argues the necessity of collaboration and due credit within the architectural industry, the concept is entirely transferable to the lending industry and standards development. In this paragraph from the article, I have simply replaced two words; ‘architects’ with ‘lending industry professionals’ and […]

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  • Collaboration at risk from past successes

    This interview with polymer scientist turned collaboration expert, Robert Johnson, poses the interesting premise that collaboration can fail as a result of past success. His hypothesis is that our past and current success removes the urgency or need to reach new solutions via collaboration. Is […]

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  • Differences are the key to effective collaboration

    This article, The Grace of Collaboration, is the last of a seven piece series of articles focused on marketing. Interestingly, it discusses collaborative relationships, the most auspicious beginnings to this sort of business relationship and how collaboration requires surrender to a vision. But most interesting […]

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  • How explaining to a 5 year old challenges your understanding of collaboration

    Anyone who has ever tried to explain a complicated concept to a child understands that there is nothing better for solidifying your own understanding of a topic, or lack thereof. This article by Rawn Shah asks, “How well do you really know a subject? [T]he […]

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