Become a LIXI Director

For people interested in guiding the direction of LIXI, the current Board invites and welcomes applicants from member organisations to nominate for a Board position.

Applications are currently open and will be announced to the Nominated Representative of each Member organisation. Nominations of candidates for election as Director are to be received at the LIXI postal address (PO Box R1943, Royal Exchange, Sydney, NSW 1225) or by sending a scan of the completed signed Director Nomination Form to

Only one nominee per current financial LIXI member is allowed. This nomination must be seconded by a representative of a different, currently financial, LIXI member. If there are more nominations than positions to fill, an election will be held at the AGM in November. Please refer to the attached summary of LIXI Director Obligations, and the LIXI Constitution for further information about the process and expectations of the position. If you would like more information please contact Louise Harper ( or see our contact details.

Updated: 14th October 2019