What We Do

LIXI Limited (LIXI) is an Australian, member-based not-for-profit company that develops data message transaction standards for the Australian mortgage processing industry, and promotes efficiency improvements. 

Member Owned

Owned by the members of the initiative, LIXI represents participants in the residential mortgage lending industry (full list).


LIXI is a not-for-profit and increases the efficiency of B2B messaging - benefiting end consumers as well as the industry as a whole!

Business Areas

LIXI Standards cover a range of credit applications (mortgages, business lending, cards, equipment finance etc) as well as property valuations, credit decisions, serviceability, mortgage insurance and backchannel and the list is still growing!

Founded in 2001

LIXI has been at the forefront of standards development for almost 2 decades - and we act as custodians for the large body of Intellectual Property that our members have contributed.

LIXI operates under the Constitution of LIXI Limited with the following objectives:

Facilitate B2B Messaging

To facilitate business-to-business exchange of information in the lending industry, with particular reference to mortgage lending.

Develop Standards

To develop and adopt standards relevant to the lending industry and to promote their use by members, and other participants in the lending industry.

Undertake Research

To undertake research in connection with business-to-business exchange of information and its application to the lending industry.


To educate members and other participants in the lending industry in the use of standards and related technologies.