2020 Forum Wrap Up

2020 LIXI Forum Wrap Up

Posted on: November 27, 2020

We've just wrapped up our Annual LIXI Forum, held this year as a series of on-line events - over 120 delegates from 56 different organisations attended. For those that attended, we hope that you enjoyed the sessions and found the content valuable! In-person events will resume as soon as possible, so the community can once again benefit from the social interaction and networking that is such a popular part of our calendar of events.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in making this event successful.

Speaker Presentations and Recordings

Session Title Speakers Recordings and Other Material
A 'Digital Mortgage' or a 'Digital Veneer'? Shane Rigby Recording, Slides & Session Detail
Lending Industry Regulatory Update Elise Ivory & Jon Denovan Recording, Slides & Session Detail
Automation with LIXI2 Shane Rigby Recording & Session Detail
A Tutorial on the Credit Application Standard John Matthews Recording (LIXI Exclusive*) & Session Detail
Open Banking Mark Verstege Recording, Slides & Session Detail
Insights into the Future Stephen Moore & Shane Rigby Recording & Session Detail

* This detailed session contains details of the standards that are protected by the LIXI IP Agreement associated with each membership or licence. If you want to access this session, simply log on to the LIXI website.