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2018 LIXI Forum Wrap-up

That's a wrap on the 2018 LIXI Forum - our increasing momentum set the foundation for a successful day - thank you to everyone who helped to make this community forum such a success! With over 126 delegates from 63 different organisations, a stellar lineup of speakers, and a great community ready to engage, the atmosphere on the day was terrific.

This Forum would not have been possible without the tremendous support from our event partner, Temenos, our event sponsors Sandstone Technology, Cashdeck and Lendi, and our many event supporters. It was great to see media in attendance at the event with Stephen Moore and Mike Felton receiving coverage.

The Regulatory Environment

We started with a focus on the regulatory environment, with Stephen Moore (LIXI Chair, and CEO of Choice Aggregation Services), Mike Felton (CEO, MFAA - Combined Industry Forum Update), Elise Ivory (Partner, Dentons - Responsible Lending) and David Dee (Managing Director, RFi Roundtables - Household Expenditure Measure - Updates on Changes) discussing key themes.

From the content, the engagement and the questions, it is clear that LIXI will play a key role in standardisation in this space going forward. In particular, this session highlighted the themes that I discussed in a recent blog post and relates to some current work taking place in LIXILab around living expense categorisation.

Making LIXI’s Vision a Reality

Session two highlighted LIXI’s progress towards our vision.

LIXI now has a transparent and robust change management collaborative processes in place to reliably deliver the standards that the industry needs. Since LIXI2 is a consistent set of true standards, a suite of tools is rapidly evolving that allow you to take automation to the next level, massively improving the efficiency of integrations and implementations.

A panel of LIXI2 contributors shared some insight into their positive experience of LIXI’s change management process.

Thanks to Ewan Mark (BA, DXC) and Joanna Phoon (BA, Data Action) and Kate Gubbins (CEO, Simpology) for sharing your thoughts. This was reassuring to those keen to use LIXI2, and demonstrates that we have processes in place to support the change required.

A showcase of some of our premium tools that simplify working with LIXI2 generated a lot of follow up inquiries. In particular our version compatibility and translation tools including Schema Customisation By Restriction, an XSLT generator, a code generator for translations, and a deprecated item locator and business rules evaluator with Schematron have proved topical.

A real-life LIXI2 case study presented by Daniel Price (Chief Experience and Information Officer at Tic:Toc) & David Maher (Legal Practitioner Director at Leadpoint DMS) highlighted the benefits of using LIXI2 standards as an enabler of real-time digital home loan approval & fulfilment. In related news, Bendigo Bank has just announced that it will use Tic:Toc’s proprietary technology to power its own instant home loan, Bendigo Bank Express.

Open Banking

After a busy networking lunch, our session on Open Banking saw presentations from Tom Bentley (Head of Sales at Temenos Australia - Open Banking: Deconstruct to Reconstruct), James Bligh [not pictured] (Lead, API Standards Working Group at Data61) and Mike Booth (Director, Advisory at EY). These speakers explored what Open Banking will mean for Australia, some ideas of how to approach Open Banking from a strategic perspective, and some lessons from the UK experience.

A panel session followed, moderated by Paul Lahiff (Director, LIXI & Chair, Cuscal) and featuring Martin Lam (Co-founder and Operations Director, Lendi), Daniel Price (Tic:Toc), Mike Thanos (COO, LTX), and Barry Thomas (Director, Australian Banking Association). This panel honed in on the effects that Open Banking will have on Lending.

Fintech Showcase

The afternoon session highlighted the innovative ways that providers are improving the customer experience.

John Heaton (CTO at Moneycatcha) & Kristi Salmi (Head of Product and Data Science at Moneycatcha) showed how they support compliance and lending processes using LIXI standards with Blockchain technologies (presentation available here).
Brian Steele (Head of Commercial Origination at Macquarie Business Bank and CEO of Kubio) posed some challenging questions around how to efficiently connect multiple parties in lending transactions within the asset finance domain.
Dean Melia (Director & Founder, PontifX) highlighted an industry issue with the processing of commission payments and proposed a solution to close the gap using the LIXI Commissions standard.
Wayne Robinson (CTO, Cashdeck) gave away a Lucky Door Prize of an Apple Watch (sponsored by Cashdeck) and showed a great explainer video showing how Cashdeck is helping brokers and their customers, improving the experience for both.
Champagne Roundtable & Networking

The formal proceedings drew to a close with Frank Connon (Customer Success Executive, Sandstone Technology) brilliantly hosting a Champagne Roundtable session. This session, sponsored by Sandstone Technology facilitated networking and sharing ideas of how LIXI will best meet the needs of industry. Frank finished off with the reminder that standardisation is nothing new, but it is very important - ever since beverages have been sold, consumers have expected to get what they order - a pint is a pint after all!

And that was a perfect segue into networking drinks, sponsored by Lendi, that gave us the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces, and introduce themselves to new community members. Some of the very earliest participants in LIXI were there and it was great to see so many years of LIXI experience in one place.

We hope that those in attendance found the day interesting and took the opportunity to meet other members of the LIXI community. The sharing of insights and the building of networks that occurs between such a wide variety of delegates is part of what makes this conference special.

Available Speaker Presentations:

  • Combined Industry Forum Update - Mike Felton (CEO, MFAA)
  • Responsible Lending - Elise Ivory (Partner, Dentons)
  • Household Expenditure Measure - Updates on Changes - David Dee (Managing Director, RFi Roundtables)
  • Digitisation of the Home Loan Application and Fulfilment Process - Daniel Price (Chief Experience and Information Officer at Tic:Toc) &
  • David Maher (Legal Practitioner Director at Leadpoint DMS)
  • Open Banking: Deconstruct to Reconstruct - Tom Bentley (Head of Sales, Temenos Australia)
  • Data Management using Blockchain in Lending - John Heaton (CTO, Moneycatcha) & Kristi Salmi (Head of Product and Data Science, Moneycatcha)
  • Cashdeck Explainer Video - Wayne Robinson (CTO, Cashdeck)

The 2019 Forum will be held on 18th September in Sydney (registrations are now open).

Shane Rigby
CEO, LIXI Limited
28th November 2018

Last Updated: 17th June 2019