Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2014’

  • Conversation Series – Feb 18, 2014

    Following the announcement and release of CAL 2.0 at the LIXI Forum in November 2013, the concept of ‘electronic guidebooks’ was introduced as an integral component of the LIXI 2.0 initiative. The February 18th Conversation Series (the first of 2014) examined the concept of Electronic […]

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  • Collaboration at risk from past successes

    This interview with polymer scientist turned collaboration expert, Robert Johnson, poses the interesting premise that collaboration can fail as a result of past success. His hypothesis is that our past and current success removes the urgency or need to reach new solutions via collaboration. Is […]

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  • Recognition for Standards Accomplishments

    Some of you in the lending industry may be familiar with ACORD – Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development. ACORD AL3 is a pre-XML (Extensible Markup Language) EDI standard designed to enable data exchange among property and casualty insurers, their producers, and other trading […]

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