LIXI 2.0

The next generation of lending industry standards, LIXI 2.0 is an enhanced standards package with comprehensive application across the lending chain, unambiguous content and structure, and the ability to quickly and easily express business rules.

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LIXI membership provides value to your member organisation by facilitating standards development for industry participants in order to facilitate fast, effective electronic communication and data transfer.

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Benefits of Standards

By using LIXI standards, your business is ensuring effective, electronic communications with other industry members who also use those standards.

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LIXI is a non-profit member-based organisation that works collaboratively across the lending industry to identify and address industry-wide issues, support enhanced business efficiency and improve the customer experience.

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LIXI has relocated our Sydney office from 30th March 2015.

Contact details are:
Office: Level 9, 130 Pitt Street, Sydney , NSW 2000

Postal Address: PO Box R1943, Royal Exchange, Sydney, NSW 1225

Phone: 02 8905 1333

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Appointment of Chief Technology Officer

LIXI is pleased to announce the appointment of Shane Rigby to the role of Chief Technology Officer.  Shane is responsible for addressing any technology issues facing LIXI on behalf of our lending industry stakeholders, and will be the expert advisor to both the Technical Sub-Committee and LIXI working groups.

Shane invites all LIXI stakeholders to contact him on 02 8905 1332 or via email at to discuss how LIXI can deliver further value to their organisations or to discuss expansion of the LIXI Standards into other business processes.

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Developing Standards

One of LIXI’s prime objectives is to develop data messaging standards that get implemented by industry members. These LIXI standards address a number of distinct B2B transactions that take place right though the lending cycle from lodgement through settlement to discharge. Over the last ten years, LIXI standards have been adopted universally across the Australian industry and has been significantly enhanced through the launch of the next generation LIXI 2.0 standards.