LIXI 2.0

The next generation of lending industry standards, LIXI 2.0 is an enhanced standards package with comprehensive application across the lending chain, unambiguous content and structure, and the ability to quickly and easily express business rules.

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LIXI membership provides value to your member organisation by facilitating standards development for industry participants in order to facilitate fast, effective electronic communication and data transfer.

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Benefits of Standards

By using LIXI standards, your business is ensuring effective, electronic communications with other industry members who also use those standards.

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LIXI collaborates with lending industry stakeholders to develop and maintain data standards that enable efficient processing of transactions by all participants. LIXI provides industry, as opposed to proprietary, solutions.

LIXI AGM & Forum

LIXI will be holding it's annual LIXI Forum & AGM on Thursday 17th November 2016 at Sheraton on the Park, Sydney.

Learn how standards can reduce the cost of doing business in the ever changing environment in which we operate. The Forum covers industry relevant topics while creating an excellent networking opportunity across the entire lending chain

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LIXI Standards Release:

On 18th April 2016 LIXI announced the latest release to the LIXI 2 portfolio of standards.

- LIXI CAL 2.5.0 version of the Credit Application Standard (covering both Mortgages and Equipment Finance).

- LIXI DAS 2.1.0 version of the Documents Preparation and Settlements Standard.

Members and Licensees can download the relevant schema files, documentation, change logs and release notes by logging in using their LIXI Logon.

Developing Standards

One of LIXI’s prime objectives is to collaborate with stakeholders to develop and maintain data standards that enable efficient processing of customer transactions through the lending cycle.

These LIXI standards address a number of distinct B2B transactions that take place right though the lending cycle from lodgement through settlement to discharge.

Over the last ten years, LIXI standards have been adopted universally across the Australian industry and has been significantly enhanced through the launch of the next generation LIXI 2.0 standards.